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From comedy to drama, television to feature films, click below to read some of my work. 

A female action movie featurig women at a brothel in the South. Feature Film

Paradise Ranch

Feature   |   Action/Drama

Three generations of women running a popular brothel in the repressed South hold the town's sherif hostage after he accidentally murders on of their girls.


Details: Female-lead, female  ensemble, one location

Star of David

Feature   |   Drama

Schmul Leventhal, a deviant Jewish boy, is forced into the Red Army to fight against the German Nazi forces who have taken his small town of Kvasenina, Ukraine. 

Standing on Stars

Short Film   |   Drama

A homeless woman survives by working for tips as a princess on Hollywood Boulevard to pay her debt to the princess costume owner for a warm place to sleep. 

Trapped insde a car. Short Fim. Windshielf Wipers. Film Poster. Movie Poster.

The Key Between My Fingers

Short Film   |   Thriller

A midnight stop at a gas station turns into one woman's nightmare

DETAILS: One location, three actors, minor FX, Female Lead

Two kids in a tent inside a department store. Kids inside tent at night.

Aisle 14

Feature   |   Drama/Adventure

Amber grabs her younger brother and runs away from an abusive household to find a better life at the local Walmart that's destroyed her small town. ​

A small boy looks hopeles. Sad Boy wearng suit.

The Cynicism of Harvey Kay

Short Film   |   Dramedy

Harvey Kay gets divorced at a wedding after he refuses to have children with his wife. During his daily routine, he starts seeing the adults around him as the spawn he could have created. 

Tight TV Show poster featuring toys from the sex shop


Half-Hour Pilot   |   Comedy

Candice's life takes a turn when she inherits the family business: the friendly neighborhood sex shop. Now it’s her job to manage crazy neighbors, disgruntled employees, unconventional customers, and a judgmental public while working tirelessly to keep the lights on


Short Film   |   Drama

In 1935, a backcountry youth causes a major vehicle collision to gather enough cash to head toward the nearest brothel. 

A woman hitchhikes on an empty road


Short Film   |   Dramedy

Unemployed and free from responsibility, Rylee kidnaps her neighbor, Drew, for a day of collecting roadside furniture. 

Tight, Episode 2

Half-Hour Episode   |   Comedy

When the local church hosts a speed-dating event, the shop uses it as an opportunity to generate some positive PR after the dateline incident: by bringing a hyperrealistic sex doll to the event. 

Three Knocks to Metal

Feature   |   Drama

Rosa, a pregnant teenager living in Mexico, is forced into a flower-selling scheme by her Coyote when she gets to the other side of the border. 


Feature   |   Drama

Teenage, meth-addicted parents and their five-year-old son go on the lamb in a series of stolen vehicles.

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