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Courtney Wold

Based in Portland, OR

Working globally


Working class stories. Women-centered ideas. Disability advocacy. 

I want people to piss themselves laughing when they watch something I've created. I want them to immediately call their mothers - because they miss them. I want to be part of media that gives people the energy to keep going. To romp around like they own the place. 


Above all - I want to make things we come back to. 

Get in touch. 


c: 952-239-0149


2022, San Diego International Film Awards - Best Producer

2022, San Diego Shorts - Official Selection

2022, Indie Shortfest - Official Selection

2022, Melbourne Independent Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

2022, Calgary Independent Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

2022, Seattle Filmmaker Awards - Semi-Finalist

2022, Santa Monica Film Awards - Semi-Finalist

2022, Independent Shorts Awards - Official Selection

2019, Burbank International Film Festival - Finalist

2018, Los Angeles Cinefest - Finalist

2018, California Film Awards - Finalist

2018, Top Indie Film Awards - Official Selection

2018, Future FemmeFest Screenwriters - Official Selection

2018, Independent Horror Movie Awards - Best Short Screenplay

2018, New York Screenwriting Contest - Finalist

2018, Hollywood Screenplay Contest - Official Selection

2018, American Gem Literary & Screenplay Contest - Semi-Finalist

2018, Independent Shorts Awards - Winner/Honorable Mention

2017, Paramount Women Behind The Lens, Official Selection

2015, QUEERTY Award - Best Web Series

2015, Action On Film Festival - Most Likely To Be Produced

2014, Action On Film Festival - Best New Writer
2013, Action On Film International - Best New Writer (Features)
2013, Pawtucket Film Festival, Official Selection

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